Sunday, April 09, 2006

A quick aside

All atwitter at the thought of using this new blogging software, I (BTS Founder) have been spending a lot of time this afternoon thinking about informative Trashspotting articles for this space. I think that today I will discuss a unique Boston event: The exodus of the students.

So full with universities, Boston hosts thousands of college students. At the end of the school year many pack up and leave for home. What here is germane to the trashspotter you ask? The departing students leave all they do not care to carry! Piles of trash line the curbs for several weeks, and it isn't the kind of mix one usually sees on a collection morning. No, this trash is a cross-section of what the kids are into this season and is relatively free of garbage (Although one year my mates and I found what we thought was an offbeat yellow chair which turned out to be a man-sized mass of congealed pizza cheese! This still gives me the jitters to think about and reminds me that we must simply observe and keep from rummaging about). Regardless, there are so many discarded posters, books, compact disks, computers, etc. that one could not even hope to comment on them all during these weeks.

I must say, for an old chap like myself this time of year is very enlightening on what is hot with the young folk!


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