Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Note regarding the BTS

I can only assume based on our inclusion as a link in the sidebar of the Trashspotting Originator's Council (click on this to go there) that our society has joined the official ranks. If you wish to know about other trashspotters, the sidebar on that page has links to other groups.

A Waste of a Trash Day

Due to a freakish out-of-season dusting of snow, our group's attempts at trashspotting were sadly frustrated. We disbanded early and without comment at the end of Newport Lane, but I do have a small story to share.

Kevin dared to rustle a bin slightly to dislodge the snow and allow a better view, but as his hand brushed the surface he recoiled violently. I peered over and saw a writing mass of ants! These were not just any ants, however, they were carpenter ants. For the benefit of those who are lucky enough not to live where the horrid little creatures are indigenous, I will explain. Carpenter ants marry the look of a giant primordial ant to the termite's love of dead wood. They are giants amongst ants and can lurk inside even healthy looking wood, festering and eating it out from the inside.

Andrew mentioned that this would explain why the house owners had, so quickly and without a permit, torn down their porch the weekend before.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A quick aside

All atwitter at the thought of using this new blogging software, I (BTS Founder) have been spending a lot of time this afternoon thinking about informative Trashspotting articles for this space. I think that today I will discuss a unique Boston event: The exodus of the students.

So full with universities, Boston hosts thousands of college students. At the end of the school year many pack up and leave for home. What here is germane to the trashspotter you ask? The departing students leave all they do not care to carry! Piles of trash line the curbs for several weeks, and it isn't the kind of mix one usually sees on a collection morning. No, this trash is a cross-section of what the kids are into this season and is relatively free of garbage (Although one year my mates and I found what we thought was an offbeat yellow chair which turned out to be a man-sized mass of congealed pizza cheese! This still gives me the jitters to think about and reminds me that we must simply observe and keep from rummaging about). Regardless, there are so many discarded posters, books, compact disks, computers, etc. that one could not even hope to comment on them all during these weeks.

I must say, for an old chap like myself this time of year is very enlightening on what is hot with the young folk!

First Post

Hello and welcome to the Internet Log (or "Blog" which is a clever abbriviation of "web" and "log") of the Boston Trashspotting Society (BTS). We feel that the rich cultural heritage and history of the Boston area, alongside its current day diversity, provide the perfect backdrop for trashspotting. If you are new to the hobby, you might wish to check Mr. Emeril LeGoinegasque's most excellent primer at his "blog". In the coming days we hope to get some first-glance photography of some BTS morning runs, and also post information about how you too may join this exciting adventure. See you out there!